Supply of General Purpose Probe Cover Kit توريد طقم غطاء مسبار الأغراض العامة

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06 Jun




Other Information
Notice Type : Tender
TOT Ref.No.: 82713150
Document Ref. No. : HMC/MTCS/50/2023
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser Ownership : Public
Tender Value : Refer Document

Purchaser’s Detail
Secretariat of the Tenders Committee Building No. 52 Street 902, Area (37) behind the wall of the Women and Childbirth Hospital – Fariq Bin Omran and the Procurement Administration located in the main building of Hamad General Hospital Tel: 44391778 – 44391797 and 44394796

Tender Details
Tenders are invited for Supply of General Purpose Probe Cover Kit
HMC/MTCS/50/2023- Re Tender 1
Tender Bond: 23000.00/-
Documents Value (QAR): 500/-
Type: Public Tender
Request Types: Supplies
Envelopes system: TWO ENVELOPES
Closing Date: 06/06/2023
Terms & Conditions
Companies can obtain tender documents from the unified website for state procurement using their login data [email registered in the classification] after paying the value of the prescribed documents by clicking on [purchase] icon.
The downloaded copy of these documents belongs to the company that purchased it and may not distribute it or give it to others.
In the event that the conditions stipulate paying a bid bond, a guarantee deposit shall be attached to the bid, in the name of the entity to the Committee, with certified payable cheque [manager-s cheque] or under a letter of bank guarantee issued by a local or accredited bank in the State of Qatar, and valid for at least [120] days from the date determined for bidding.
The validity period of bids shall be at least [90] days from the date of expiry of the period prescribed for bidding.
The entity has the right to exclude the company-s bid if its activity does not conform to the type of tender, or if the bid is not technically or financially compatible, or in violation of the terms of the special tender or the conditions of the public tender, or violate of the requirements contained in this announcement or other requirements stipulated in the Law of Regulating Tenders and Auctions No. [24] of 2015 and its amendments and executive regulations.
In the event of awarding, the company will receive a notification from the [competent department], and the purpose of this notification is only to submit the agreed performance bond or to attend to sign the contract.
In the event that you receive a notification of award, the value of the performance bond shall be up to [10%] of the contract value, and deposited according to a bank guarantee letter accepted by a local or accredited bank, within the period prescribed after the award notification.
The entity has the right, during the term of the contract, after the approval of the head of the government authority, and based on the committee-s recommendation, to increase or decrease the amounts of items, works, services, or duration, by a percentage not exceeding [20%].
Any company wishing to apply for a tender must prepare its bid in the manner described for the preparation of bids, and adhere to the technical requirements, special and general conditions, and attached forms. The committee has the right to exclude bids that are not comply with that.
Bids shall be downloaded electronically in the form of a compressed and locked file [PDF] that cannot be modified and in a manner that does not affect the quality of the bid, by entering the page of the purchased tenders in the company’s account on the state procurement website.
Bids shall be submitted according to the submission system indicated in the tender documents, and must be downloaded by clicking on assigned icon, whether for bid bond, technical bid or financial bid, as the case may be.
Inquiries related to the implementation of the tender work shall be submitted to the [competent department] in procurement department at the entity, within the period determined by the [competent department] in the tender documents, or a maximum of two days before the closing date if the period is not determined in the tender documents
Extra Notes From
Hamad Medical Corporation
Submission online in the Monaqasat website is a must to be uploaded starting 2 days at least before Closing Date & Time in order to avoid any Technical Problems, in case of any issues, please communicate with Monaqasat Helpdesk via there email: And hard copy of the offer to be submitted in TCS reception office until further notice

تفاصيل العطاء
المناقصات مدعوة لتوريد طقم غطاء مسبار الأغراض العامة
HMC / MTCS / 50 / 2023- إعادة المناقصة الأولى
ضمان العطاء: 23000.00 / –
قيمة المستندات (ريال قطري): 500 / –
النوع: مناقصة عامة
أنواع الطلبات: التوريدات
نظام المغلفات: مغلفان
تاريخ الإقفال: 06/06/2023
البنود و الظروف
يمكن للشركات الحصول على وثائق المناقصة من الموقع الإلكتروني الموحد للمشتريات الحكومية باستخدام بيانات تسجيل الدخول الخاصة بهم [بريد إلكتروني مسجل في التصنيف] بعد دفع قيمة المستندات المحددة من خلال النقر على أيقونة [شراء].
تعود ملكية النسخة التي تم تنزيلها من هذه المستندات إلى الشركة التي اشترتها ولا يجوز توزيعها أو إعطائها للآخرين.
في حالة ما إذا كانت الشروط تنص على دفع التأمين الأولي ، يجب إرفاق وديعة ضمان مع العطاء ، باسم الكيان إلى اللجنة ، بشيك مصدق مستحق الدفع [شيك مدير] أو بموجب خطاب ضمان مصرفي صادر من قبل بنك محلي أو معتمد في دولة قطر ، وصالحة لمدة [120] يومًا على الأقل من التاريخ المحدد لتقديم العطاءات.
يجب ألا تقل فترة صلاحية العطاءات عن [90] يومًا من تاريخ انتهاء الفترة المحددة لتقديم العطاءات.
يحق للكيان استبعاد عطاء الشركة إذا كان نشاطها لا يتوافق مع نوع العطاء ،


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