RAHA for Trading & Contracting
RAHA for Trading & Contracting
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Doha, Qatar

About the Company

Raha Trading and Contracting was established in early 2005 to meet a part of the country’s needs in serving the booming construction sector in the State of Qatar, and shortly after the establishment of Raha started working in the field of civil construction from building and the construction staff was supported by the best engineers and the most skilled technicians to reach mastery And high quality work.
One of our work is the construction and construction of houses (villas), palaces and buildings, and we do these works by following a policy of our own by setting an appropriate plan in project management according to the needs of each project, including engineers, technicians and workers, and with the same plan we determine the productivity of work and the extent of our ability to complete projects In the shortest possible time according to the plan of our technical office.

Our Website : www.rahac.com

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