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National Food Company
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About the Company

At National Food Company, consumer delight is at the core of our business functions. Our aim is to bring joy to the lives of our valued customers, shoppers and consumers. We believe in the principle of Healthy Eating and Healthy Living. We strive to bring to you products that are of the highest quality and international standards. We are an ISO 22000:2005 certified company (which is inclusive of ISO 9001:2008 certification & HACCP compliance).

We understand the diverse needs of people belonging to different age groups, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities and aspire to fulfill them through our wide range of products. Quality, taste and innovation are the three basic principles which we follow at the production stage. Availability, ease of usage and befitting value are the strategies which we conform to at the market level.

As a brand “Al Arabia” denotes Creativity and Healthy Eating. Our brand message ‘Create delicious meals’ is what best describes our products, as it empowers our customers to be creative in preparing meals that will be appreciated and loved at their dinner tables. We encourage our customers to eat healthy and work out their way to a prosperous and better lifestyle.

Al Arabia has an extensive range of frozen food products such as nuggets, burgers, kebabs, samosa’s, green vegetables and more, all of which is made from top quality raw materials and is packed with the utmost care.

International, also one of our popular brands is known for its good quality products at a reasonable price point. Our product portfolio includes tender chicken breast, tapioca, mince meat, burgers etc.

We commit ourselves towards building a forward thinking and diversified organization aiming to maximize the stakeholder value by continuously enhancing our business performance, delivering healthy financial results and achieving sustainable growth.

Our ultimate ambition is to become a household name across the Middle East and to be an imperative part of the joyful moments of our cherished customers. We will keep working hard and our undying passion for excellence will always drive us to deliver best quality products on a consistent basis

“Our vision is to be the Region’s premier Processed Food Products company. At NFC we want to be one of the region’s best – Employer, Processed Food producer and supplier, Business partner, Investment and Consumer friendly brand.”

“Producing good quality Processed Foods in a hygienic environment; with innovative techniques and effective management style, and be available to the consumers at a reasonable price; within the shortest period of time, and ensure that these is a constant and never ending improvement in all our endeavors to satisfy the investors, consumers and the co-workers”

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