Doha Precast Factory
Doha Precast Factory
Flat 21, Gabbro Area, Messaeed Industrial City (~30 km south of Doha)

About the Company

Doha Precast Factory (DPF) is unique: we are Qatar’s first to design, Manufacture, and distribute reinforced concrete (RC) pipes. We also Produce pre-cast concrete manholes and fittings of all sizes.

Doha Precast Factory (DPF) established in Qatar 2008 located in Mesaieed Industrial City about 30KM from Doha. The Factory meant to produce reinforced Concrete Pipes and fittings in low head and gravity flow systems and Precast Manhole system. The present concrete pipes and produce in the DPF design utilizing EPDM gasket , and T- Locking system PVC, H.D.P.E. and GRP lining and externally coated by coal tar epoxy (optional). The production range is from 200mm to 3600mm Internal Diameter. The manhole system is suitable for foul Sewerage, Storm water drainage and Sewage with GRP lining and without lining. The Range for the Manhole is ID900mm to 4000mm. All the products are especially developed for drainage system in the generally corrosive soils and ground water of Qatar and G.C.C. coastal areas.

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