Al Mairqab Indstrial Investment (Aalaf) WLL
Al Mairqab Indstrial Investment (Aalaf) WLL
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Messaied P.O. Box No.295 Doha, Qatar

About the Company

Aalaf factories are located in Mesaeid industrial city in southern Qatar and have a surface area of about 10,000 square meters, with 60 tons of production energy per hour, reaching 1600 metric tons per day.

It operates exceptional high-quality control laboratories that uses the latest and most developed production technologies which constitutes the key factor in its success as Aalaf’s main objective is to analyze all the materials with high standards during and after the production process.
Aalaf completes three stages of improving the production of animal feed successfully, two of them are designed to meet the herd’s nutritional needs in Qatar and the European production lines make a major contribution to the description of the final characteristics of the products
and their quality.

Also, Aalaf combines the commercial bird feed with the large animal feed lines.
Aalaf is considered to be one of the main suppliers providing full service to farmers in order to help them achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability as well as supporting them with an extra free of charge after-sales services provided by its health and nutrition consultants as boosting the farmers production efficiency is one of Aalaf’s main concerns.
Aalaf delivers its products by the most modern transportation means to its customers as quickly as possible and what distinguishes it as a role model in this sector is that it has distributors throughout Qatar.

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