Aamal Cement Industries WLL
Aamal Cement Industries WLL
Gate 41, St. 41, Industrial Area

About the Company

Aamal Company holds 99% of Aamal Cement Industries. Aamal Cement specializes in the production of concrete blocks, interlock paving stones, hydraulically pressed kerbstones and Roof tiles. It commenced production of decorative interlocking paving stones and concrete blocks in 2010 with an annual production capacity of approximately 25 million blocks or two million square meters of paving stones. Aamal Cement Industries now has 130 products in total, differentiated by shape, size, dimension, and color.

The plant is equipped with one of the largest block and pavement making machines in Qatar and it has introduced several new products such as concrete retaining blocks, decorative slabs and high strength blocks.

Our Website : www.aamalcement.com



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