Local Qatari heritage inspires Lusail Tram

The Lusail Tram is inspired by the local Qatari heritage and its historical legacy.
In a tweet, Doha Metro and Lusail Tram said that the interior design of the stations was developed taking into accounts the factors such as — colours imitating the local traditional handcrafted textiles and the stained glass used in local windows.
The patterns are derived from gypsum engravings used in local houses, majlis and palaces, it added.
Textures of clay used in historical fortresses, towers, souqs are reflected on walls and floors and vintage geometrical ornaments are accentuated and used in multiple locations.
Lusail Tram began its preview service on January 1, 2022, with the opening of the six stations on Orange Line including Energy City South, Esplanade, Yacht Club, Marina, Promenade Marina, and Legtaifiya. The tram operates with an interval of five minutes from Saturday to Wednesday from 6am to 11pm. And on Thursdays, from 6 am to 11.59 pm, while on Fridays from 2pm to 11.59 pm.

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