National Petroleum Products Company

NPPC is a fully licensed and insured waste oil recycling facility. Established in 2008, NPPC is Qatar’s only operational oil recycling company located in Mesaieed. Situated in Hazardous Waste Treatment Center (HWTC) of Mesaieed Industrial City; NPPC is covering an area of 20,000 sqm. This facility is fully permitted by all the concerned authorities in the State of Qatar including Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Civil Defense & Ministry of Energy & Industry and is fully insured and environmentally compliant.

NPPC is capable to handle, collect, transport, recycle and dispose all types of used oils and a number of spent petroleum products. Our range of services and products is all designed to assist the customers with proper environmental compliance and efficient operations of their business.NPPC services a vast range of customers from small auto repair workshops to the largest industrial plants. Our flexibility is key for our clients and we are ready to serve our customers on scheduled basis or on an as-needed basis. We are available to remove used oil and other products such as sludge, oily water and contaminated fuel from all kinds of storage arrangements.

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