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In 1939, Ismail Bin Ali Group was established as a General Trading Company.

In 1982, IBA Aluminium was established as a part of IBA Group’s diversification strategy to meet the growing demand for the fabrication and installation of Aluminium products in the construction industry. As years passed, a new product line was launched for the production of UPVC systems.


Our factory has been present in the market for 40 years, demonstrating and reinforcing our utmost commitment to enhancing the design, quality, cost, and time through selecting, attracting, and retaining the top in-depth expertise in all key areas, in order to constantly optimize the level of services and products we provide to our clients.

Over a period of time, we were able to build a solid reputation for having accomplished a large number of major projects, including towers, office buildings, bank headquarters, large showrooms, residential compounds, shopping malls, and many other projects.

Our employees, our customers, and of course, our partners in success(our suppliers) have always been the key to the success of our organization, and because we always keep the value of integrity in mind, we insist on achieving absolute quality at every stage of our development.

The main focus of the factory is to maintain credibility and protect the reputation that we have already earned through diligence, dedication, and utmost commitment to our customers, as well as by using the latest technology to achieve continuous customer satisfaction. Moreover, we seek to continue investing in all the fields of the factory’s activities, to ensure that the factory’s value and our landmarks are always a status symbol.

Most importantly, we are keen to always remain prepared to face challenges and look forward to the future with optimism and energy

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