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The long tradition of beautiful and esoteric craftsmanship in the history of furniture making in Arabia and the Orient has always been cherished. Skills, techniques, intimate knowledge of materials and specialty tools come together with the unique cultures and resources available to create the finest interior furnishings.
Artikkan  treasures these traditions in their unique creations and installations, but with an eye on changing taste and evolving functionality where Classic meets contemporary in an aesthetic rhythm.
Artikkan is the brainchild of architect duo, Hazar and Hussam, established in Doha, Qatar, by early 2015.  They teamed up after collaborating on a number of projects, both sharing a passion to design and create unique, Arab or Oriental influenced furniture and home-décor. They realized they would do their craft more justice, serve clients better and keep oriental traditions alive, current and relevant.
“We want to preserve our rich artistic heritage and make it work for contemporary use and spaces. Our collections are our own artistic masterpieces, combining the contemporary and the richness of Oriental products.  Our clients appreciate modernity but value the heritage and traditions from the Orient and Arabia.  This is how the brand ‘Artikkan’ came, to reflect our artistic expertise in expressing the traditions and heritage of the East in our craft.”
“We have created an approach and style to our work that we call ‘Moderiental’, a fusion of unique, regional artistic heritage, modern, Oriental and Arabic. We are lovers of authentic and natural materials, especially those found in the Middle and Far East, such as Solid Wood, Mother of Pearl, Camel Bones, Brass, leather and other regionally available natural materials in which our clients and we find inspiration.”
“Artikkan- The Moderiental Brand” offers ready-made creative furnishings from which to mix and match, as well as custom-made interior design products and services that you will cherish; the Artikkan team can help to fuse past and future for your home or office.
“Every Artikkan product starts with a concept, detailed sketching and the final production process. Each individual piece is handcrafted and produced in Qatar with pride and an attention to detail by our highly talented designers& craftsmen. We also develop the design ideas of our clients, from which we then sketch, design and produce your finished pieces, keeping you involved throughout. Thus, what we deliver suits your space and lifestyle needs perfectly. ”
Where modern and oriental blend in perfect harmony- Artikkan leads the field in innovative traditional furniture with a delightful modern twist.  Visit us now to start your journey towards achieving the most unique and exquisite Moderiental furnishing statement for your space.

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