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Al Wafa is a successful family run business, established and founded by Mr. Ahmed Abbas in Doha, Qatar in 1959, a partnership with Mr. Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Sowaidi (Chairman Of Qatar Islamic Bank).

Al Wafa supplies high quality timber and building materials to meet a wide range of specifications, sourced from Europe, North and South America and Asia. Our timber is machined on site to a very high standard. We are proud of our timber background, a history of traditional craftsmanship balanced by an investment in people and lasting relationships with our trade clients.

Al Wafa customers range from large to small scale such as Governmental sectors, furniture manufacturers, joinery workshops, building contractors,and specialist traders.

Al Wafa’s 8000 sqm warehouse located in the Industrial Area stores a variety of timber material and traded directly to clients on site, as well as building materials. Our carpentry is also located in our site, capable of producing a wide range of interior products. We provide cutting services for all our timber products to match your specifications. We have a range of machinery to produce furniture, doors, kitchens, wood flooring and any exceptional wooden cut ideally to meet your requirements and achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Al Wafa’s experienced purchasing team makes regular trips to new potential markets in order to grow our market reach and maintain our customer demands.

Al – Wafa’s decades of experience in timber trade, you can expect efficiency, personal service in our team’s approach, this traditional quality standards are the root cause of our success in the past, now and in the future.


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