Allowances, grants are now back: Civil Service Bureau chief

President of the Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau HE Abdulaziz Al Khalifa has announced the return of grants, allowances, and other benefits or equivalent advantages in various sectors of the country.
In an interview with Qatar TV on Wednesday, he said the life-burden advance will be activated immediately, with updated controls that guarantee its continuity and permanence.
In response to a question about the most prominent developments related to grants and allowances, he said, “Qatar, like the rest of the countries, passed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was a temporary suspension of some of the advantages obtained by affiliates in different sectors of the country, whether they were grants or different benefits, pending the assessment of the negative economic impact of the pandemic.”
Al Khalifa said some types of benefits were not stopped such as the advance of marriage, thanks to the wise leadership.
He stressed that the public position is a duty and a responsibility that always requires commitment to performance within a specified timeframe, with complete integrity, keenness on achievement and accuracy in implementation.

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